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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

Stanley Druckenmiller on the Alleged $32T Debt

Stanley Druckenmiller on the Alleged $32T Debt -- "This is what really annoys me, how no one talks about it... Do you know that the $32 trillion [in government debt] assumes the federal government will never make another Social Security or Medicare payment? [These huge obligations are not included as ‘liabilities’ in the national debt.] Only government accounting could think that the government is never going to make another payment, not one. Not to me... not to you guys when you get older. If you actually accounted for those (big) government programs…credible estimates put the value of that debt [total federal liabilities] at $200 trillion."

Ricardo Salinas and Max Keiser Flying to El Salvador

Friday, September 15, 2023

Fox News: Oversight Dems admit Hunter's longtime business partner handled Biden's finances throughout VP tenure

Thursday, September 14, 2023

UAE to invest billions in Nigeria

Post from Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro)

Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) posted at 6:18 AM on Thu, Sep 14, 2023:
So according to the media, there is NO EVIDENCE that Joe was involved in or benefitted from Hunter's corrupt business arrangements. So true, except for:
- Witness testimony from Devon Archer
- Statements from Tony Bobulinski
- Texts from Hunter Biden's computer
- WhatsApps from…

Post from The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox)

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) posted at 9:41 AM on Thu, Sep 14, 2023:
.@RobertKennedyJr Calls the COVID Shot 'The Most Dangerous Vaccine' in History on C-SPAN

"VAERS reports have shown that there have been more reports of deaths and injuries from [the C19 shot in] VAERS than all vaccines combined since 1986. So, by the only measure that the CDC…

NPR: Kim Davis is ordered to pay $100000 to same-sex couple she denied marriage license

The GDP Of An Average Country

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Confusing Zelenskyy (Offshore Accounts, Land) With Jesus

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Productivity - Compensation Ratio Before and After 1972

Productivity - Compensation Ratio Before and After 1972

Building Back Better -- For Real

A Governor Vows To Fight Biden Vaccine Mandate

$80 T World Economy

$80 T World Economy

Michael Saylor of Microstrategy

Tim Draper On The Future

Tim Draper On The Future

BTC Stock to Flow Ratio

BTC Stock to Flow Ratio
BTC Stock to Flow Ratio

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Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin

Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin

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Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki on Pension Crisis Pt. 2 -- Who Stole My Pension?

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Martin Armstrong Analysis
Martin Armstrong Analysis

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Currency Supplies

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Tim Draper On Bitcoin

“This is bigger than the Internet. It’s bigger than the Iron Age, the Renaissance,” Draper gushed. “It’s bigger than the Industrial Revolution. This affects the entire world and it’s going to be affected in a faster and more prevalent way than you ever imagined.”

Chamath Palihapitiya

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Dick Gregory

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Shirley Chisholm 1972

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From VisualCapitalist.Com

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From Casey Research
From Casey Research

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Alex Jones



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Armed With Confidence

Armed With Confidence
Armed With Confidence

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Trump With The Troops

Trump With The Troops

Christine Keeler, 1963

Christine Keeler, 1963

Pension Crisis

Pension Crisis
Pension Crisis



Seth Klarman, Baupost Group

Seth Klarman, Baupost Group

Marcon Enjoying Some Freedom

Marcon Enjoying Some Freedom
Macron Enjoying Some Freedom




Boris Johnson Enjoying Some Freedom

Boris Johnson Enjoying Some Freedom

Ronald Reagan Enjoying Some Freedom

Ronald Reagan Enjoying Some Freedom

JFK, 1962

THE PRESIDENT. If the United States refused to cash in dollars for gold, then everyone would go to the gold standard and the United States, which is the reserve currency of the whole free world – we would all be dependent upon the available supply of gold, which is quite limited.
Obviously, it isn’t enough to finance the great movements of trade today and it would be the most backward step that the United States has taken since the end of the Second World War. We have substantially improved our position this quarter, the second quarter over the first quarter. Our loss is down to almost a third of what it was in the first quarter. Our loss, based on the first and second quarter of this year, is about half of what it was last year, and about a third of what it was the year before. We hope that we can bring our balance of payments into balance by the end of next year.
We are not going to devalue. There is no possible use in the United States devaluing. Every other currency in a sense is tied to the dollar; if we devalued, all other currencies would devalue and so that those who speculate against the dollar are going to lose. The United States will not devalue its dollar. And the fact of the matter is the United States can balance its balance of payments any day it wants if it wishes to withdraw its support of our defense expenditures overseas and our foreign aid.

Putin Enjoying Some Freedom

Putin Enjoying Some Freedom

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Nixon, Ford, Carter & Reagan Enjoying Their Freedom

Nixon, Ford, Carter & Reagan Enjoying Their Freedom

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Peter Schiff - Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One

Ron Paul: Stimulus "Waste of Money" Sad Day for America CNN 2 16 09


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Ron Paul on Donald Trump

Ron Paul on Donald Trump


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Tony Blair Enjoying Some Freedom

Tony Blair Enjoying Some Freedom

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